Friendships in 2021

It needs no repeating: these times are more isolating than ever. For many of us, social distancing, quarantine, and shutdowns have resulted in a sense of newfound loneliness. However, we want to reassure you that the social needs of your loved ones are being met daily. Due to the home-style environment, genuine friendships between residents flourish. Your loved ones do not merely share space with roommates, they live with companions and friends. They enjoy various social activities on a daily basis; some favorites include watching classic movies and football games, going on walks in the beautiful backyard, and listening to music they can sing along to. Perhaps the quintessential activity for resident bonding is the shared mealtimes, emulating family meals that are prepared with love and care by our live-in caregivers.

Live-in caregiving provides the opportunity to have a natural friendship between your loved one and staff. Our caregivers truly get to know your loved-ones and how best to care for each individual based off of their personality, interests, dislikes, and more. We are delighted and honored to continue serving your loved ones in this way.