Showing Love and Care

IMG_8948 (1)

At Estancia Assisted Living, providing a loving, empathetic, and caring atmosphere is of utmost importance. Our work is guided by questions such as, how would I wish to be treated if I were a resident? How would I want my own loved one to be treated if they lived here as a resident? Some things that we make a special point of doing to live up to this ideal include giving our residents hugs, letting them know that they look nice, and making a point of practicing patience in every bit of service we provide. Patience is especially important where mobility or memory issues are concerned. This means that, while always being available and ready to help, we support residents in being independent where possible even if it takes a bit longer to do things. It means kindly and helpfully answering questions, even if the staff has heard the same questions several times already. We want to be sure that our residents get the respect and kindness they deserve.

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